Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday, 2 pm, M Cafe

So the first casualty of the new construction — things that absolutely cannot go into my new sanctuary — are these large pillars of guilt that have crowded my old house. One of those large pillars around which the rest of my life used to revolve was marked WORK.

Thus today I parked myself at a table at M Cafe with a laptop and a notepad and got some "work" done: I sat, plowed through a yummy Hainan Chicken Rice meal, gulped down two cups of rich, dark coffee, and drew.

Nice way to spend a Thursday afternoon.


  1. Nice way indeed, zester Tars:-) I am glad you are concentrating on the NEW YOU!!! Indulge some more!

  2. Zeester, ganda the light here, nice to take photos with a decent camera.

  3. gosh, can i have a thursday like this, too? actually, i'll take any day like this. can you sell me one, please, and send me via dhl?