Friday, August 20, 2010

Bondat Ka 'Day

The last time Mabi and I hung out, we polished off two bottles of alcohol — a Sauvignon Blanc and a bottle of Champagne. It was no one's birthday and no one's anniversary, just another random day of the week, and still, because we were living it, it deserved Champagne.

And again, last night, celebrating nothing at all, we popped open a bottle of Two Oceans Shiraz and over the course of the evening loaded up on a lovely chilled salsa that I whipped up (pat on the back, yes), wafer crackers loaded with tuna pate (from Madrid, courtesy of Mabi) and topped with capers, Spanish sardines (also from Madrid) and black rice.

Also on the table: Gouda cheese and cream cheese.

We discovered that wine and words courtesy of the Dalai Lama are a good mix. Wine opens the heart, and the wisdom of the universe by way of the Dalai Lama speak to it.

Busog on many levels :)


  1. Haha, lurv the blog post title. Bondat too from belly-laughing at the Batang Lagim video.

    Thanks for the lovely conversation, Tara, for being the voice of reason and of unassailable enthusiasm--well, you and Mr. I-will-process-this-with-you-in-my-Macho-Farm. Yay, new friend!

    Well? Haha!

  2. Ack, don't forget the Filipinos are in your freezer.

    (Sounds very wrong)

  3. OMG the Filipinos are totally frozen!

    Thanks for hanging out and sharing your positive vibes with me dear, always so fun and enriching! :)

    Yes, we must work that farm for further enlightenment!

  4. Inggit! I would have loved to be a Bondat Ka Day!!!:-) keep on posting sis, enjoying every post....

  5. It just occurred to me. The Spanish sardines we had were SPANISH sardines. Slow batt, zoreh.

    Heniwey, today I am making Tofu Provencal for lunch. Marinating the tofu in some EVOO and your gift of herbes de Provence then some short grilling action. Yay Mark Bittman, yay Tara!

    And, lustly, did you get to do the tofu sisig we prepared? Hope the onions aren't stinking up your ref.

    Tomorrow I think I will be tofu-ed out. Hugs dear and have a good day!

  6. Hi, Tars! Catching up on your posts -- whhooosssh summer was busy here I lost three kilos from all the activity! So reading all these food posts here is wonderful. I need to eat up. Didn't know we shared this thing about not being able to follow recipes. They bore me... I kind of just "follow" the essence of things. And I want to get the Kingsolver book! Pierre and I have always made an effort to eat local, buying from the small farmers hereabouts (I discovered the delicate taste of squash blossoms from one of them this summer. If you ever find these, try them in an omelette.), so this should inspire us. Oh, and the ingredients you mentioned in Eric's mussels recipe is quite complete, except for the salt and pepper. and not "packets" of herbs, just a dash of it. A Filipino chef friend of mine told me that the problem with reproducing many French recipes is the "crème fraiche." You just don't find the same taste elsewhere. So maybe this explains why you couldn't replicate the taste of Eric's mussels?

    Long post, no?


  7. Tars, missyouna! Let's hang soon, and we'll do the yoga session, too. I handled my first student last Sunday. *Joy*